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company start on 15 December 

status of oklifecare – monthly payment

payment type – neft / imps [bank transfer ]

trust score – 9/ 10

?Ragistration free.
?9 Types income.
?Product range

▶Health care.
▶personal care.

▶Beauty care

9 प्रकार की income के लिये500 B.V की खरीद करनी हे,
1⃣Retail profit 20%
2⃣Aqumalative perfomance bonus 7%-15%
1-5000 7%
5001-25000 10%
25001-50000 12.50%
50001-above 15%
3⃣Active bonus(A.B) 20% Company turnover.
/ | \
5000B.V | 5000B.V=
Mini-1A.B point value=1000
Max-Company turnover
A.B point से 2.40lac/Month कमा सकते हो|
4⃣Leadarship bonus(L.B)-10%(c.b.v.t.o) 10A.B point=1 L.B point.
Mini-10000 rs .Max-C.B.V.T.O
5⃣Mentor bonus (M.B)-10%(C.B.V.T.O) 10 L.B Point=1 M.B.point.
mini-1 Lac,Max-C.B.V.T.O
6⃣Education fund(E.F)-5%
50tha/ | \25tha
=E.F point
mini-1000rs ,max-c.b.v.t.o(Manager)
7⃣Travel fund(T.F)-5%
/ | \
Manager | 40tha
mini-50000rs ,max-C.B.V.T.O(Director)
8⃣Car fund(C.F)-5% 

Director/ | \Director
mini/Max=1.5Lac(Vice president)

9⃣House fund(H.F)-5% 
V.p/ / \ \Dire
V.P Dire

Total 9 Type incone= Mini-20 Lac. upto

company profile is very strong 

OK group starting product base mlm launching in APRIL nice and big profile ::–
2 TV channels already running
3 new channels launching in APRIL
2 universities : ( i ) OPJS university in churu
( ii ) northern hills university in Dalhousie (Himachal pradesh)
3 new universities in pipe line
18 colleges
KAKNI the only sky diving college in Karnataka
One water park ( FUN VALLY) in kathmandu Nepal
Totally loan free
No id change no name change no placement change
16 states started in first month
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62 thoughts on “Ok life care #review #product based genius plan earn unlimited join must 9899947218 [100% trusted]

  1. The Prime Minister of India,
    Hon,ble Sir,
    Some of the universities such as OPJS university churu Rajasthan run and managed by Joginder dalal of Rohtak P. No. 7206660000 are making fake doctors,teachers,pharmist,Engineers,lawyers in a day by maintaining the fake records in the university and not only playing with the life of innocent students but also earning crores of rs. Every day by issuing such degrees and certificates as there are only 10 persons who are managing every thing and the mains are jiteneder yadav and Priyanaka Madam.
    How these degrees are being issued in a day is the question of investigation for which I have sent you many proffs and the following letters. 5/15/2017 Search results kinra11@
    gmail.com Gmail
    Online Registration Registration
    number PMOPG/E/2017/0263980 . Please logon to cpgramsdarpg
    Online Registration Registration
    number PMOPG/E/2017/0235342 . Please logon to cpgramsdarpg
    Online Registration Registration
    number PMOPG/E/2017/0209648 . Please logon to cpgramsdarpg
    (2) Online Registration Registration
    number PMOPG/E/2017/0080941 . Please logon to cpgramsdarpg
    Online Registration Registration
    number PMOPG/E/2017/0060144 . Please logon to cpgramsdar.,
    me (2) Online Registration number
    * PMOPG/E/2017/0027630 *. Please logon to : http://pgportal.Move to Inbox More
    As these universities are being run by the politicians or the big goons of the country and no one dare to complaint against them and if a person like me dare it will be killed or threatened by the police it self to withdraw the complaint or may be killed also with the grace of the police.

    I donot say that these universities should be closed but some steps by UGC can the the life of innocent to be spoiled.
    1. The records of the students enrolled in the university should be sent to UGC every month with their name address p.no. email. Id and in which subject he is enrolled for to the public under RTI by UGC as university never reply to such letters being a private universities or self financed universities.
    2. Name and address of all the teachers with their name address p.no. email. Id and in which subject he is enrolled for to the public under RTI by UGC as university never reply to such letters being a private universities or self financed universities.
    3. Exams should be conducted under vedio graphy under the supervision of affiliating authority and the answer sheets should be sent to some other university for checking on the same day or by the affiliating authorities.

    Only the above three steps will/can save the innocent students
    Because the university like OPJS churu Rajasthan is not only enrolled the fake students in the records but also issuing the certificates to the fake students against the innocents students.

    Joginder dalal is not only a big goons of Rohtak and involved of various criminal activities and was working as tt in railway is now the owner of a TV Channel as well as having so many Benami properties and companies registered after 2013.

    Mostly all the members and the address of all the companies are same.

    Waiting for justice before I will be killed by Joginder Dalal the Owner of OPJS university churu Rajasthan and the owner of OK tv channel in Rohtak and Gurgaon.

    Prem paul

    OPJS university is more then a fake university so beware befor admission prem paul 9896330081 rohtak

  2. jb admi bada hota hai to us par arop lagane walo ki kami nahi hoti agar tumari baat sach hai to proov karo
    varna ninda karne wale to ram ke bhi the esamaseeh ke bhi the

  3. The Chairman
    UGC Delhi
    REF I PREM PAUL M.A. L.L.B. AIII Victums of Degree Scam run by Your Universities and earning one crore Rs. Per day Selling degree with back date to fake students and also planning to open more universities in the country with your grace.
    SIR The following steps may say the life of innocent students to be spoiled from such universities.
    1 university has to close the admission process after one month of the new session .
    2 The enrollement records should be sent to ugc by the university with in seven days after addmission closed with the enrollment No. Name Subject address email id and phone number of each and every student enrolled.
    3 The exams date sheets should be published on the web site of the university and the answer sheets should be collected by ugc staff and should be posted to ugc on the same date after the complition of the examination and be checked by some other university of staff so that the university should not play with the life of innocent students.
    4 The result should be declared on the university web site and also be aviable with UGC for verification.
    Now the exams of OPJS university Churu Rajasthan is going on and if you depute your staff for the said actions you may come to know that what the universities are doing in this country.If you collect the answer sheets of the students for the exams going on you will find that maximum ten persent genuine students will pass out and rest of the students will be passed by the university charging extra money as the papers are being checked by the university and fake students are being advised to write any dam thing in the answer sheet and they will be passed.
    If the UGC order OPJS university to show all the answer sheets of the OPJS university churu form 2014 onwards every thing will be cleared but I am sure they will not provide the answer sheets.
    As joginder Dalal the Chairman of this university now the owner of so many benami properties and an owner of a tv channel named as oktvindia started in 2016 from the money collected from the students is not only a big goon and also planning of open such moe universities in the country as no one dare to complaint against him as he is doing all the activities sitting at Rohtak and if any one make a complaint about the university activities the police says that it is not under their jurisdiction.Some of the higher ranked police officer have also obtained the degrees from this university and this can also be one of the reason for not taking action against joginder Dalal who is not only earning one crore Rs. Per day but also playing with the life of thousand of innocent students with the help of UGC.
    Prem Paul Place Rohtak p. No. 9896330081 and even though I am having the mark sheet of LLB final year but due to my complaint university is not providing me the hard copy of my mark sheet enable me to enroll my self as lawyer.I want help from the advovates and the authorities who can take action against such universities.

  4. 6/18/2017 Preview comment | Letter to Donald Trump
    http://lettertodonaldtrump.com/comment/reply/217596 1/3
    Preview comment
    help me to get my mark sheet from a goon joginder Dalal
    Permalink On 6/18/17 10:31am
    The President of America.
    And all the President and Prime Ministers of the World,
    Sub: Help me to survive in India as This country is officallly running under Modi ji’s Govt but
    actullay its being run and managed by the goons of this country.
    Sir, At Present I am old man of 59 years and may be killed by Mr. Joginder Dalal one of the
    born Criminal of this country with the help of the Local police i.e. Model town Chowky
    Rohtak and in brief I will explain some facts that can be proved if an honest investigation is
    made. I have written many letters to the govt. of india and all the related departments but
    either all the departmenta are corrupat in thais country or they know that what is happening
    and donot want to take action agaaint my complaint on the name of jurisdiction problem but
    no one has approached me to listen my complaint to take action.My complaints are self
    explainary and not need any explaination but only want an feed back for further investigarion
    to proceed further in the matter.
    I have complaint about Mr. Joginder dalal the owner of OPJS University Churu Rajasthan
    that he is selling the degrees to the fake students as against the enrollent of genuine
    students enrolled in his university and or against the fake students enrolled in his university
    i.e. OPJS Churu Rajasthan India and this is a Private self financed university.
    All the educational universities in India issuing higher education like Phd,D.Pharma,
    Bpharma,M.tech,B.tech, and other so many Professional courses in which the regular
    classes attendance should be must and at ;east 0ver 70 % attendance should be there for
    each student for each and every professional course.This university was given the affiliation
    over 200 Professional courses in 2013 without checking the back groud of this person
    named joginder dalal who was involed in not only in a murder case during Chotala govt. but
    also 6 of his colleges were closed by Maharishi dayanand university Rohtak Haryana as
    against asking the B.ed girls students to do seears Assan or to pay 10 thousand rs. Get the
    marks in B.ed in Practical examination.
    6/18/2017 Preview comment | Letter to Donald Trump
    http://lettertodonaldtrump.com/comment/reply/217596 2/3
    prem paul
    This is not my complaint but this entire appisode is on U tube on the name of yogender
    Dalal instead of Joginder dalal of I.P.S college rohtak in 2012 and news on various news
    papers of the national News papers of the Country.
    Only ten persons are running OPJS University at Churu Rajasthan and no classes are being
    conducted over there and the students enrolled in the university are from the different part of
    the country and sent/enrolled in the university in the all type of coursed by the agents spread
    all over the country.
    The university never declare the result on their web site for any examination as ant student
    from India can come any time abd can appear for any examination even of 3 years back and
    can get his degree in a day after Paying the amount demanded by the university.
    As the UGC has given the affiliation in 2013 donot care what is happening in the university
    till date and when I have complaint in the matter about the university I have not only
    threathened to kill but also threat to involve my sons in a case with the help of Rohtak
    Police.As many of the Police and Political persons has taken the degrees from his OPJS
    university no one in this country is taking any action against him.
    By selling the degrees about ten thousand every year to the fake students he is not only
    earning over 500 crores rs. Per year but is making the roots of our nations weak and also
    playing with the life of innocent students like me.
    I took loan from the bank for my self and my son for llb admission and Passed all the exams
    in First division but as I have made his complaint to the Bae council of india as well as SSP
    and model town Chowky Rohtak our result has not been given by the goon of this country
    known as Joginder Dalal Of Rohtak.
    I have also reported the matter to CM Rajasthan as well as to the higher Education Board
    rajasthan but not received any response from them about my complaint due the financial
    and Political power Of Joginder dalal.
    I have handed over the copy of my mark sheet to Rohtak Police as well as sent to the SSP
    Rohtak but till date Joginder dalal has not been called and I have been asked to go to the
    I request the govt. of india that the Private Universities auch as OPJS Churu should not be
    allowed as examination centres of the universities so that they should not enroll fake
    students the the results and records of all the students should be available with the state
    education board as well as UGC so atleast the innocent students should not suffer the
    problems I am facing.
    What ever has been written above can be proved provide that a proper investigation team
    has sent to look into the matter honestly before I will be killed by Joginder dalal with the help
    of Model Town Rohtak Chowky Police always threatening me to withdraw the complaint.
    Waiting to be killed or Justice
    A Comman man
    Prem Paul Kinra Rohtak
    By prem paul
    6/18/2017 Preview comment | Letter to Donald Trump
    http://lettertodonaldtrump.com/comment/reply/217596 3/3
    help me to get my mark sheet from a goon joginder Dalal rohtak
    The President of America.
    And all the President and Prime Ministers of the World,
    Sub: Help me to survive in India as This country is officallly running under Modi ji’s Govt but
    actullay its being run and managed by the goons of this country.
    Sir, At Present I am old man of 59 years and may be killed by Mr. Joginder Dalal one of the born
    Criminal of this country with the help of the Local police i.e. Model town Chowky Rohtak and in
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    posted by Anonymous on 6/18/17 10:27am

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  7. The Prime Minister of India,(Modi Ji)
    Sub: No action by your departments in this regard even though this matter is more seriousdangerous than a crime of a terririoust. One Person Joginder Dalal 7206660000 is not only making the nations week by selling the degrees to the fake students with the help of all the govt, departments and police administration and earning one crore rs. Per day i.e. also exempted from all the taxes on the name of providing education at OPJS University Churu Rajasthan, while sitting at Rohtak in Haryana.
    I have written many letters to your portal as well as to UGC Chairman, BCI Chaiman,PCI chairman, NECTE and even to CM of Haryana and Rajasthan but till date no action has been taken to stop selling fake degrees by this university.
    This university is approved over 200 Professional Courses by UGC and other Councils.
    Every year over 10,000 addmission are there by their in university through their Agents from different parts of the country in india and forign.
    There is no teacher in the university and only 10-15 peoples are their to control how to sell the degrees to the fake students and how to maintain their records.
    Over 15-20 thousands degrees have been sold to various students and no student have attendee any class in this university.
    Matter was reported to Police,Education Dept rajasthan,Your Portal but till date no action has been taken and even no enquiry has been made from the complainant and the police is forcing the complainant not to make such complaints.
    Joginder dalal who is not only a criminal person but also involved in various cases in which 6 of his b.ed colleges were closed by MDU Rohtak.
    He him self called Dr. Joginder Dalal and ask him write a letter and you will come to know how he became doctor.
    I can give many evidence which can prove that what ever I have written is true.
    Please make the inquiry in the said matter to save the country.
    Prem paul
    Kinra11@gmail.com 2=09-2017

    Dear friends,
    If you wants that fake degree or degrees selling to fake students by some of the universities in India should be stoped like OPJS Universty Churu Rajasthan then come and share your experience and thoughts with the undersingned on my email i.d. kinra11@gmail.com or my phone Numbers 9896330081 9812211269.If you have any audio, vedio or documentary proff regarding the illegeal activities of the university, kindly share enable me file an PIL in the Court of Law to save the carrer to the accutual brilliant students.
    Prem paul

  9. Adеlаidа, 31, housеwifе: “I did a shallоw pееlіng fоr сlеаnіng. The rеsult was vеry gооd, I likеd evеrythіng vеry muсh. Gоne are fіnе wrinklеs, the skіn has bесоmе mоrе еvеn. ”
    Naomi, 37 yeаrs оld, direсtor: “I did my fаce clеаnіng in thе salоn – my соmplеxiоn chаnged аfter dеlivery. The rеsult pleаsеd, but thе соst оf сleаnіng wаs quіte hіgh, оftеn thіs wіll nоt аllоw. ”
    light chemical peel before and after

  10. The Prime Minister of India,(Modi Ji)
    Sub: No action by your departments in this regard even though this matter is more seriousdangerous than a crime of a terririoust. One Person Joginder Dalal 7206660000 is not only making the nations week by selling the degrees to the fake students with the help of all the govt, departments and police administration and earning one crore rs. Per day i.e. also exempted from all the taxes on the name of providing education at OPJS University Churu Rajasthan, while sitting at Rohtak in Haryana.
    I have written many letters to your portal as well as to UGC Chairman, BCI Chaiman,PCI chairman, NECTE and even to CM of Haryana and Rajasthan but till date no action has been taken to stop selling fake degrees by this university.
    This university is approved over 200 Professional Courses by UGC and other Councils.
    Every year over 10,000 addmission are there by their in university through their Agents from different parts of the country in india and forign.
    There is no teacher in the university and only 10-15 peoples are their to control how to sell the degrees to the fake students and how to maintain their records.
    Over 15-20 thousands degrees have been sold to various students and no student have attendee any class in this university.
    Matter was reported to Police,Education Dept rajasthan,Your Portal but till date no action has been taken and even no enquiry has been made from the complainant and the police is forcing the complainant not to make such complaints.
    Joginder dalal who is not only a criminal person but also involved in various cases in which 6 of his b.ed colleges were closed by MDU Rohtak.
    He him self called Dr. Joginder Dalal and ask him write a letter and you will come to know how he became doctor.
    I can give many evidence which can prove that what ever I have written is true.
    Please make the inquiry in the said matter to save the country.
    Prem paul
    Kinra11@gmail.com 2=09-2017

    Dear friends,
    If you wants that fake degree or degrees selling to fake students by some of the universities in India should be stoped like OPJS Universty Churu Rajasthan then come and share your experience and thoughts with the undersingned on my email i.d. kinra11@gmail.com or my phone Numbers 9896330081 9812211269.If you have any audio, vedio or documentary proff regarding the illegeal activities of the university, kindly share enable me file an PIL in the Court of Law to save the carrer to the actual brilliant students.
    Prem paul
    Is a person like Joginder Dalal of OPJS Universoty Churu is dangerous for our country pr our country is helping him to loot the nations youth of the country just to get money during elections.
    Thousands of students are being issued degrees to fake students for over 200 Professional Courses such as P.hd,D.Pharma,B.Pharma,Engineers,doctors,Nurses,Lawyers,teachers,D.ed,Ded and any course you name even C.A. is available in this university i.e. duly approved by UGC as well as the state govt.This university was established and affiliated in October 2013 where as 6 of his colleges of B.ed and Engineering of Joginder Dalal were disaffiliated by MDU Rohtak by doing the similar activities he is doing in OPJS University Churu with the help of Jitinder Yadav 7726009703 sitting at opjs churu.
    Opjs is selling thousands of degrees every year to the fake students without attending any class as there is no teacher in the university and no student who has obtained the degree from this university will be able to tell the name of their class teachers. There is only 5 to 10 % students who took genineunly took admission considering that

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    Joginder Dalal who was working as tt in railway about 10 years back now became the owner of over 5000 crores property.As the degrees of OPjs university has been distributed by him in the entire country so the higher authorities are not only trying to save him but also threatening us to withdraw our complaints.
    Now one the one hand he is selling degrees to fake Students by his university OPJS Churu and also Planing to open 5 more universities and two are ready one in Dalhozee and other one in Dehradun to make more fake degree holders.
    Now he started one more business on the name of OK life Care Pvt.Ltd. and selling some medicines with a team of over 20000 unemployed youths of the country by online and earning about 5 crore rs per day.The matter has already been reported to the higher authorities but I donot think that govt. is intruded in taking action against this man who is booked several times in similar illegal activities.I can provide all the correspondence made with the police and higher authorities if govt. is ready to investigate the matter.If govt will not investigate about him and madam sarita kawatsara then Govt is Creating a New Sulemen in the country who is not only making the nations pillars week but also looted as well as looting crores of Rs. Per day from the public.Hoping for an action.
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  54. To
    The D.G.P,
    Sub: Application regarding the previous complaints made by me against Joginder Dalal and OPJS University Churu.
    I, Prem Paul Kinra aged 60 years S/o Late Sh. Paras Ram Kinra R/o 650/28, Subhash Nagar, Rohtak respectfully submits as under.
    1. That I made many complaints against Jogender Dalal and OPJS University to DGP Haryana, IG Rohtak, SSP Rohtak etc regarding the sale of my degrees to another candidate but no one had taken any action against my complaints.
    2. That the Rohtak police was also involved with him in fake degree racket and pressurized me to withdraw the complaints and no one had listened to me resulting into demolishing my career.
    3. That no FIR had been registered against Joginder Dalal and OPJS University by the police authorities and no satisfactory answer was ever given to me.
    4. That now it has been proved that whatever complaints I have made against the university and Joginder Dalalwere true but no FIR had ever been registered.
    5. That as soon as the FIR had been registered against Joginder Dalal and OPJS University in Bhiwani Distt. against the complaint of another person, the police took immediate action which clearly shows that the Rohtak Police is involved in the racket with Joginder Dalal.
    6. That the copies of paper cutting, copies of complaints made by me, reference numbers and all the relevant material which I am having is hereby attached with this application and kindly find it in attachment.
    It is therefore prayed to order the Rohtak Police to register an FIR against Joginder Dalal and associates in reference to the numerous complaints which I have made in last 2 years. Please do the needful as soon as possible for the sake of natural justice.

    Regards place Rohtak
    Prem Paul Kinra date 21/04/2018

    Who is this Joginder Dalal and how he became the owner of 7000 crores property from a salary of 7000 rs.Now as per his statement as per his own words he is ownwer of 5 tv channels,5 universities,18 colleges,several industries such as OK LIFE CARE PVT LTD ROHTAK and various others properties in India.
    A police complaint was loaged against him when he has slaped a police person on duty, who stoped the students cheating in the NIOs examination in 2004-05 in his centre i.e.IPS school Nehru Colony,Rohtak that time he was working as tt in railway with this one school by the grace of prevailin govt at time.
    In 2011 Joginder Dalal was red handed caught being a partner of Sohbit university merrut for selling the fake degrees and an FIR was loadged but all in vain.
    In 2012 he was the owner of 6 b.ed colleges in Rohtak/Haryana by the grace of Hooda Govt. and an FIR was lodged against him demanding rs.10000 per student in the practical examination and asked the b.ed girls students to do seears assan and person opposed has been beaten by Joginder Dalal with an Axe and the matter is aviable on Youtube mentioning Joginer Dalal Kulhadi Kand and Sarita Kawatsara was also the co-accused in the case and 6 i.e.all his colleges were closed by MDU Rohtak.
    In 2013 he started a university known as OPJS( OM PARKASH JOGINDER SINGH UNIVERSITY) Churu in rajasthan and also registered many companies in 2013 on the name of Ok and similar names and made thousand of agents all over the country providing students to his university on 50 % discount in the fees to the agents and as he got approved the university over 200 professional courses.
    In 2016 a police complaint was loadged to SSP Rohtak as well as to Bar Council of India as well as to UGC that OPJS university is selling the degrees but all in vain and as the Model Town Rohtak Police under the influence of Joginder Dalals money didn,t took any action.
    An FIR has been loadged against OPJS University against his 4 employees in April 2018 selling degrees to fake students but the main culprits i.e. Joginder dalal,sarita Kawatsara are Playing the main Role while sitting at Rohtak and even printing the degrees at Rohtak and the records are maintained by Jitender Yadav and Priyanka at Churu in the university premeises.Priyanka madam is in the close relation with madam sarita kawatsara.Police has not made the proper investigation and given the clean chit to the university and now university is still selling the dagrees to the fake students and thousand of genuine students are suffering for their mark sheets and degrees.
    An FIR has been loadged by Ujjain Police for selling a medicine to a Cancer Patient charging 12 lacs rs. for the medicine by OK LIFE CARE PVT LTD Rohrak owned by Joginder Dalal and managed by Sarita Kawatsara but again the FIR has been loadged against their staff. And now he he planning to change the name of the firm i.e. from OK LIFE CARE to Some other name enable them to sell the medicine and not even a single medicine has been produced by OK LIFE CARE PVT LTD at Rohtak.
    If govt of Haryana or india or cbi or higher police authorities keep a track on the telephones of Joginder Dalal and Sarita Kawatsara the entire picture will be cleared and they will not only save the country and will also come to know that how Joginder dalal is earning crores of rs every month without paying any tax on the name of education and how much money he has earned selling at least one lac degrees to fake students during past 5 years.
    If govt of India can depute an honest officer of a higher rank from CBI then I can help him to prove that all the facts mentioned above are not only true but there can be a recovery of thousand of crores benami property and can also save the country from fake doctors engineers teachers lawyers and may also save the life of some innocent students are vicitums of this university.
    • Joginder dalal and his team such as sarita Kawatsara,Jitender yadav,Priyana Madam are more dangerous than Ram Rahim,Assa Ram and no action against this person will produced an other Suleman in this country.
    Waiting to hear from you
    Prem paul,Rohtak

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